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Nov 4, 2012 12:00am PDT
plan for seismic safety. it is a plan we wanted to make sure that was lead by someone who can immediately get on the ground and figure out all of the things that we need to do to make sure the soft story buildings which are the most important focus that we have to have for the next seismic event and starts with that planning with all of us, so i wanted to make sure to introduce and congratulate patrick otiline who has come aboard to take care of this incredible responsibility. patrick, thank you very much for being here today. [applause] i will note that currently the caps program is lodged under city mmptdor's office and a conversation i had when i was city administrator and we wanted to put it at a place, but it is there for now, but with patrick's help we will make sure that program flourishes at the right place and with all the different resources that we have to have along with my commitment we will have appropriate legislation in due time when we are ready when placed out before the voters what we require but we will do that in collaboration and not talking out because
Nov 15, 2012 6:30pm PST
to the current seismic safety code.. >> okay okay the public hearing is done. commissioner more. >> i would like to open up the conversation about the know litigation and compare this without speaking to the project that we had two weeks ago and it was an extensive remodel and where indeed the existing house was wrapped with new construction on the outside and however since we are not recentlied architect to do the calculations, i'm asking the department for first in what way do you take a calculation submitted to you on sheet a 1.2 as a fact or how far do you go back questioning that these calculations are done accurately >>> in a sense the approvalling planner went overt standard approved by the architect and was confident and in fact, this did not qualifify as a demolition. >> and basically this was printed on the -- [inaudible] . >> information and their own review of that information it did not qualify as a demolition, okay i'm going to ask mr. butter who's a registered architect you have reviewed thews plans is this a demolition or alteration due to the fact using the same calcu
Nov 19, 2012 9:30am PST
to the tower's structure. and in a building this tall, it is very interesting, obviously seismic design is critical but at this height of 1070, it is really wind that one has to design for primarily over seismic, if you design for wind, appropriately you have designed to seismic. that is the key to the very robust central core that has a concrete box surrounding it. you see the three exit stairs and you see the great number of elevator and this happens to be one of the lowest floors and that is the low, rise, elevator core that is colored in. this is the mid point of the tower and this is about a 20,000 foot square plate and then the top plate of the tower, 18,500 square feet. at the middle part of the tower's exterior, there is also still the middle, shading that is surrounds the entire building access of sun shade and access of architectural defining advice giving the building a great deal of texture. it is anticipated to be painted in a very beautiful, white, metal metallic color that has a resonance and glow in the sunlight and also even in doctored conditions will feel rather light
Nov 19, 2012 5:00am PST
. they are seismically safe. they are going to have the most modern equipment for our kids to grow up and promise all of the things that we promised for them to do to become even better residents. the things that keeps me going and everybody else goes in collaboration, we're doing it for you. it's not about us. it's not about announcements, about things that are politically smart for us to do. it's about the future of this city. and with these 24 branches, and now the smart thing to do, connect up with great parks. yes. [ applause ] because the vision, julie didn't have a vision of just having a great center library; right? our neighborhoods aren't just going to accept that to be the end. it's to connect it up with world-class parks. that is what prop b is about and why we work together and mohammed comes in and smooths out columbus avenue. because i just road that street and it feels like a construction road [ laughter ] we have got to get all of these roads built and this is what scott wiener and others works on:we have the opportunity to unite everybody and it's up to us in government to have l
Nov 24, 2012 7:00pm PST
of the three projects that still remain in design at this point are seismic reliability projects. the good news here is that all seismic reliability projects are either in construction or have been completed. so the large changes on the calaveras replacement project are reflengd here in the regional program variances reported for this quarter. we -- if we focus on the numbers for the regional program, you'll see that we are now forecasting the cost of regional projects to be 150.6 million more than the total budget approved for these projects and this will present an increase of 138.7 million over the forecast for the last quarterly. nearly the the entire increase in the cost forecast is associated with the calaveras project. that project is now forecasted complete 25 months beyond the approved completion date for the program which is july 2016. however, to minimize costs what we're planning on doing is to discontinue all program level resources as planned mid-july 2016, unless the implementation of the calaveras project move on on its own, using its own resources. >> i'm sorry, i department qu
Nov 13, 2012 4:30pm PST
and this seismic rebuild as we are. because they have the opportunity to serve even more clientele for our communities. i want to personally thank our superviors. david shew. the district supervisor here as well as eric marr because they understood when we talked to the hospital and the board of trustees, how we needed to really fast-track this to the board and get these approvals on. because seismic upgrades, it is all about beating the event. it is all about building this hospital before the events come, and there will be some forced effort to... that might cause us even more damage and more threat to our own health. now i want to thank brenda and her leadership at the hospital because she has been steadfast in making sure that she has got a team that delivers on both the economics of it and working with james and the board of trustees to make sure that they have experts on the design and the engineering of this, to make sure that the footprint can accommodate the build-out. and we have had to have very good conversations with the planning department to get this to as well. so the whole
Nov 19, 2012 6:00am PST
to be able to meet the current seismic code with those foundations because you cannot put anchor bolts into the foundation that wand the bolt that we are retired to have now and i would like to persistent out the drawings that mr. williams was showing included interior partition and is that is clearly not part of the san francisco planning department criteria for demolition it has do with interior walls and the vertical surfaces. so ... the other thing that were the to point out is that there is also not really a way to meet both the energy code, the lateral code and the fire code for walls without removing the at least the interior claddings and sometimes the ex-tierior cladding. so i hope that helps a bid. >> air force couple of questions and first the stated date of this home being built was 1879 and now admittedly looking at the outside somebody did some things because everything was wood frame and mow it looks stucco and so would i would assume there were alterations over the years first of all, i'm mr. washington. >> sorry, this house is had under gone construction but had
Nov 29, 2012 11:30am PST
routes. to gather more clues of an impending disaster, mo a her team bury sensitive seismic monitors the signals are radioed toecback to the institute, where each new installation tests the equipment and the scientists' nerves. ( equipment whirring ) mothes: whee! good work. narrator: mothes and geologist peter hal, hopinghat they won't someday have to make the tough call. eruptions can kill and destroy. but evacuations cause greapersa. what if they sound the alarm antu not ally owp? wi peobelieve em what ifthe next time,e alarm before it really does? suddenly, after monitoring the mountain for five years, their theoretical problem has become alarmingly real. ( rumbling explosions echoing ) mothes: in september 1998, our existing seismic network on the volcano began to register a greater numb of fracture-type earthquakes beneath the volcano. narrator: the next august, tungurahua releases a column of steam thousands of feet in the air. the deadly vapor accompanies more earthquakes and sulfur emissions. it's time for the scientists to go public. on the tenth of september, we decided we
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm PST
and convinced the coastal commission not to allow pg&e to do seismic testing off the coast saying the plan would hurt marine life. here are the new details for us. >> the environmental activists today faced off with one of the most powerful electric companies and they won. hundreds of people came from all over the state here to santa monica for this public hearing which just wrapped up and convinced the california coastal commission not to allow pg&e to do seismic testing off the coast saying it poses to great a risk to marine life. cheers today at the california coastal commission shuts down pg&e's plan to blast sundwaves deep into the ocean floor, allowing them to get 3-d maps of earthquake fault lines that run underneath the power plant. pg&e argued they would be necessary to determine the effects of an earthquake. >> if you live near a nuclear plant, wouldn't you want more certainly in the assumptions made. >> reporter: they ruled the high decibel blast would hurt marine life and vital commercial fishing industry and activists applaud the decision. >> we want pg&e, their plant to be safe but
Nov 5, 2012 4:30pm PST
. >> i would say you see all the seismic retrofitting with the bay bridges, that is another reason why. >> everyone is from san francisco. the tag line was like go sf super bowl. the game will be in santa clara. what exactly is san francisco's involvement. are there events held here? >> yes, a great question. the super bowl 50 will be an iconic game. we expect a week up to the game, the tailgating will be in the parking lot of santa clara. many of the events will happen in san francisco. we believe every hotel from san jose to san francisco will be full. we believe this game benefits napa, caramel and more but san francisco will be the focal point of events leading up to the sunday game. >> ron conway, one of our committee members. >> our competition is miami. the statement is over an hour away. it is the same situation. >> i think the -- >> past super bowls have taken place where you have to travel to the stadium so we feel we are okay in that regard. that is a great point. someone. >> joe want to speak to the travel or issues? >> joe dalton with san francisco travel. the region can a
Nov 5, 2012 9:30pm PST
and posed seismic and safety risks. proposition b is a bond measure that would authorize the city to borrow up to $195 million dollars by issuing general obligation bonds to fund repairs and improvements at the city's parks and open spaces. the city plans to use the bond funds for the following purposes: neighborhood park repairs and play ground renovations for 98.8 million dollars. water front park and public open space repairs and renovations for 34.5 million dollars. play ground repair and replacement for 15.5 million dollars. improvements to john mcklairpb park for $10 million dollars, golden gate park for 9 million dollars and like merced park. (inaudible) 12 million dollars. improvements that can serve water and parks for 5 million. trail reconstruction this gold again gate park and john mechanic claire park for 4 million and park forestry plans for 4 million. it would permit land lords to pass through 50 percent of any resulting property tax increase to their tenants. i'm here with matthew ogrady, we're joined by george wooding, vice president of the coalition for san francisco
Nov 4, 2012 7:00am PST
in this wonderful seismic rehab project that we have that amarosa, has been happy about. >> they know how to layout 2400 tons of steel. they will be laying out 37,000 tons of cement. and they know where to put it. you know? and they know how to reinforce the system so that water continues to be not only saved, but used responsibly, and making sure that we plug all of the leaks and have this reservoir there for us on a daily basis, but also, should there be any seismic event it will be here for us as well. we are taking care of infrastructure and that is something that i will cherish and i want to say as the mayor of this city, that take care of business and we do it with the contractors and we do it the right way. and there is also thanks to be recognized because we are doing it with labor and honor of the labor men and women who are here to provide the decent wages that we do, to give them a good, living salary. we have also worked with our office of economic and workforce development and our city bill project to make sure that our residents have a good shot at these jobs and so the training and t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 282 (some duplicates have been removed)